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Dynamic Slideshow

This section of a site is what catches the users eyes first when they visit your site. We bundle powerful imagery, pursuading titles and next generation web technology to ensure that what the user sees is memorable. Bea seen, be remembered!  

jaguarbjj slideshow

Dynamic Menus

The menus we provide will give the user the best experience in navigating the site. We focus on organizing and executing effective navigation. All our menus are responsive as well. The menus will rearrage it self to fit your screen regardless of device you are using. 

jaguarbjj menu

Beautiful Bonus Pages

You get an extra pack bonus pages filled with all the beautiful designs. What can you ask for more?.

jaguarbjj bonus

Google Maps integrated with Contacts Page

Dont just share your address. Show it! Google API's provide accurate maps and directions.

jaguarbjj contact

Backend Control Panel

Have total control over every aspect of your site without having to be a programmer. All our designs are created on a Content Management System. This will allow for quick changes and easy management.


Easy Front End Management

Just like backend control, you can have administrative access directly on the site to make changes and tweaks on the fly.

jaguarbjj frontend

Easy-to-Read Documentation

We provide an easy to ready documentation tailored to editing and updating your site's content.

responsive joomla template

Social Media Integration

Integrate your favourite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and much more.