Who we are

Meet the people behind the scenes.

What we do

We offer small to medium sized businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services online and build their customer/client base.

We specialize in Content Management Websites such as Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. These systems allow us to quickly deliver a professional website to you. The two main advantages of these systems however, are that they are built to be scalable, and it effectively streamlines maintenance.


Think of these systems as building blocks. You first create a base or platform on which you want to build on. You then identify what you how you want to build it. Then all you is add blocks until you have your Lego masterpiece. The same is said for Content Management (CMS) Websites. Specific Functions and operability your business needs, are the building blocks which can be added and removed at any time. This allows you to properly manage and grow your website as your business grows and evolves.


The age old way of website maintenance follows a particular script.

  1. Client has changes to be made
  2. Client contacts web administrator and sends changes to him/her
  3. Web administrator breaks out his/her code editor and begins to write code
  4. Web administrator then uploads changes to web server
  5. Client signs off on changes. Unless! there are more changes to be made
  6. Back to Step 1

In Content Management (CMS) Websites, those six steps can be reduced to as little as one or two steps. Either the client makes the change or Web administrator (or whoever you delegate this responsibility to) makes that change. By now you might be screaming on top of your voice (or screaming inside your head) "This guy is crazy! I don't know how to write code!". Have no fear, this process is pretty simple and straight forward. These platforms give users the power to quickly edit and make changes to their site, most times by using a simple text editor. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or Apple Pages then you are well on your way to being your own Web Administrator. This helps you greatly reduce maintenance efforts and helps you save time, money and resources.


Our Objective

On the business side of things, we always maintain three goals in our sights.

  1. Clients must be able to be reached and have their content accessed easily via popular search engines
  2. Clients' websites must effectively portray who they are and what their organization is about
  3. Websites must increase the clients' opportunity to make money or to reach their desired goals

We have grown to realize that websites are way more than a fancy page with a beautiful design; it is a tool that must aid in maximizing an organization's investment. We believe that we can offer this service to you. As our slogan says:


Connecting the World to You!